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After the Rendering of the world, the face of Jord was irrevocably split into six distinct continents.

The continent of Thordfalan was largely unscathed and remained the center of the world. A neverending winter descended onto the continent of Thule to the north, leaving the land to the frost giants, eskimos, and the hardy Diabolans. The dwarves consolidated their power on Niebelung, rebuilding their citadel to better defend themselves against the other myriad magical races that settled on the continent as well. Far to the south, the cataclysmic forces of the Rendering changed the face of the Island to the south, forming numerous valleys and mountains amongst its tropical jungles. The Lymean archipelago appeared from out of nothing to the east, populated by some of the most powerful beings to ever walk the face of Jord. Drifting through the clouds over the vast oceans is the floating continent of Valkyre, shielded from the rest of the world by powerful winds.

Recently, passage to a seventh, previously undiscovered continent has been made available. This continent, named Eurydice, is relatively connected by unorthodox means to the mortal realm. It is rumored that within the borders of Eurydice lies the ancient sources for all the elements and known universal constants that are observed in the World of Jord. While this seems like a fantastic contemplation, much exploration and discovery still remains to observe and verify such claims.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the more intrepid mortals of Jord, most of the known world has been charted for the benefit of all. Yet mortals and immortals are prone to error. Should the maps be in error, or a new map has been scribed for an area hitherto undiscovered, notify the powers that be. Anyone wishing to submit a map for review and inclusion into our vast archive of area maps is advised to take a look at our Map Submissions Guidelines. Once you are sure your map fits into our guidelines for map making, please send us a copy to us for review here. Thanks!

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