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Castle Black
Builder: *Jaxx*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: Get an Invitation to Castle Black and use invitation on the continent of Thule
Repop Time:

Located somewhere in the air above Thule, this vast castle features many noblemen and women intent on having a good time. They have nothing to fear as their abode is protected by the infamous Phantoom Dragoons, the highly skilled fighting entourage. The area was originally accessible from above the city of Bal Harbor. However, caught by the winds on which it floats, the exact location of the castle is now unknown. So say the residents it is best left that way. Therefore, access is now limited to direct invitation only. An Invitation to Castle Black is somewhat of a prized possession, but not entirely difficult to come by. Many magical creatures also reside in and around the castle. Careful, there are snares which will catch the unwary...bring your fly spell.

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