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Suggestion Box Guidelines

Suggestions are just that, suggestions. They are neither demands nor orders; no one is obligated to implement any suggestion.

Suggestions will be reviewed and if deemed beneficial and reasonable, someone might implement the idea, time and energy permitting. The more civil you are, the higher likelihood that meritorious suggestions will be implemented. It might take a while; just be patient. Real life first, Sloth second.

Follow the guidelines here and here.

Short version:

  • Be civil. No vulgarity, no flaming, &c.
  • Stay on the topic, not on the commenter.
  • be concise
  • edit only your response(s)
  • Everything subject to deletion/modification at moderators' discretion, particularly when too much information is being given


  • New topics start with ==topic name== (heading two)
  • Indent responses using :, ::, :::, and so forth.
  • use ~~~~ to sign your posts
  • Minimize wiki markup, e.g. no boldface, no italics, no all caps, minimize external links (links to other pages in the wiki/main site are okay), &c.

Content subject to deletion without notice.