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For Sloth Rules, click here.

1.  This is highly experimental/beta!  Take the information here with a grain 
      of salt.  
***Things are highly subject to change.***

2.  Immortals have final say in everything.

3.  This is not a forum; take that to crier (or at least the relevant talk pages).  
       Keep discussions to discussion pages, not onto any of the main pages.  
       Minimize whining.
***This is intended as an information repository, and should remained as unbiased 
as possible.***

4.  Keep it PG-13.  Spam/vandalism/profanity/general stupidity will most likely 
       result in revoking of edit privileges.  

5.  Play nice.  No slandering other people, no libel, no childish or adultish name 
       calling.  Keep all that nonsense to yourselves and off the wiki.

6.  No personal page outside of the User: namespace.  Keep the wiki clean, please.

7.  English pages only for now.  Keep edits, talk pages, everything in English.

General Notes

  • Bear in mind, content is still being added. There is a LOT of information that needs to be added, as well as redesigning of some formats.
  • This is not a EQlist nor a bestiary.
  • Most pages have been created or redlinked for future creation. If a page must be created, check to see if it doesn't already exist (and just needs another redirect), and if not, maintain the proper format.
  • Use the Sandbox for test edits, not the pages themselves.
  • Use the Suggestion Box for suggestions for this wiki, not the game. Use the ideas command ingame or post on the crier for those.
  • Might add navboxes here and there as necessary/if I feel like it.
  • Yes, the search engine is terrible. But not much can be done with it. For now.
  • An area for sloth lingo/slang MAY be added. Will consider after a general flame/troll level check (just think of the number of edits/entries for "Bot").
  • A LOT of spellbook locations and whatnot need to be added.

Page Addition Guidelines

Pages: Guides

  • Feel free to write a guide that further details a specific aspect of sloth, but clear the topic with an immortal first
  • Most ideas are fine, but avoid too technical/specific breakdowns, and anything that might be considered dubious/questionable gameplay. If you have to stop and think about whether or not you should write about the topic, chances are you shouldn't!
  • Credit yourself! Include your character's name in the title. e.g. Guide:Yourname's Guide to Writing Guide Titles!
    • Keep the title short.
  • Keep the guide short. If it's too long, most people won't read it. Break it into subpages if necessary, i.e. part I, part II.

Pages: Abilities Help Files

  • Include all the categories, regardless of if the relevant spell/song/skill uses them all. Does not apply to generic help files, but adding See Also: would be nice
    • Usually the file will have already been created. If it hasn't been made, check your spelling FIRST, before making a new page. Then check the ingame spelling!
    • Some are currently rather embarrassingly devoid of content, namely the ones that simply state "Area version of X spell". Fill them out please!
  • Additional notes are just that, additional notes. Do not reiterate the help file again, or paraphrase/translate it into anything like simple breakdown of effects (e.g. try to avoid directly saying "armor gives you -2.0 ac, lion chorus gives you exactly +whatever to damage, stab multiplier is exactly x, &c").
  • Keep terms relative, not specific ("stronger version of blah, greatly increases hitroll, moderately boosts hpregen, &c")
  • Not every page needs additional notes; most files are clear enough for those with half a brain to dechiper (even to those holding someone else's half!)
  • Keep it short! Break long entries into smaller ones

Pages: Areas

  • If you feel compelled, feel free to write a little story/description of the area based on the ingame area descriptions. Be nice. The original builder, should they still be around, has final say.
  • Quick Notes section just for notes that would usually be written on the map itself
    • examples include keys to get into the area, water breathing/fly warnings, aggro/patrol warnings, &c
    • this is not the section to mention 'great mobs to hit' or strategies. Add those to General Notes and Tips
  • "Difficulty" is largely arbitrary and subjective; Just because you can kill the kobold sage at avatar does not mean it's an avatar area!
  • NO equipment/equipment stats &c. That's what eqlist is for. Mentioning one or two prize pieces in the area is acceptable (no stats, just link the eq to eqlist)
    • format is:
{{WikEQ|name=short name|keywords=short name keywords}}   

Note: The template is case-sensitive!

Pages: Quests

  • No full quest details, just quest giver and reward in the appropriate sections. Debating adding quest giver section to area pages, still haven't decided.

Talk Pages

Follow the guidelines here and here.

Short version:

  • Be civil. No vulgarity, no flaming, &c.
  • Stay on the topic, not on the commenter.
  • be concise
  • edit only your response(s)
  • Everything subject to deletion/modification at moderators' discretion, particularly when too much information is being given


  • New topics start with ==topic name== (heading two)
  • Indent responses using :, ::, :::, and so forth.
  • use ~~~~ to sign your posts
  • Minimize wiki markup, e.g. no boldface, no italics, no all caps, minimize external links (links to other pages in the wiki/main site are okay), &c.

Works in progress:

  1. Honor related stuff, including epics/raid mobs, helpfiles
  2. Game Mechanics page needs to be redone, newbie guide needs to be formatted as well