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Vault Sellers

Continent Seller Seller's Area Run to Vaults
Thule [AH] Briar Aisholm Town .n5es;op gate s;.sws;.ne
Thordfalan [BH] Kaya Bal Harbor Town .essen;sign ledger;d;w
Niebelung [SS] gypsy tentmaker Ravenloft in Barovia
The Island [IS] Norman Bates Thalassas .3eseses2es2uede3s11w7s2e;open door n;n;close door s;.2n;open door w;w;close door e;.ws
Lyme [LY] Magistrate Kao Ch'ung Kuo

Purchasable Room Bonuses

Keyless Entry System - 3,000,000 coins (contact Benq) + 1,000,000 per character (self-purchaseable)
'say recall' Trigger - 3,000,000 coins (contact Benq)

Vault Creation Example

Vault Building Videos