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These files are based on the ingame help files with additions and some revisions/elucidations.

Generally, this is maintained by the moderators, but feel free to embellish a few of the more bare entries. Do observe the rules and the guidelines below please.

General Help File Editing Guidelines

  • Include all the categories, regardless of if the relevant spell/song/skill uses them all. Does not apply to generic help files, but adding See Also: would be nice
    • Usually the file will have already been created. If it hasn't been made, check your spelling FIRST, before making a new page. Then check the ingame spelling!
    • Some are currently rather embarrassingly devoid of content, namely the ones that simply state "Area version of X spell". Fill them out please!
  • Additional notes are just that, additional notes. Do not reiterate the help file again, or paraphrase/translate it into anything like simple breakdown of effects (e.g. try to avoid directly saying "armor gives you -2.0 ac, lion chorus gives you exactly +whatever to damage, stab multiplier is exactly x, &c").
  • Keep terms relative, not specific ("stronger version of blah, greatly increases hitroll, moderately boosts hpregen, &c")
  • Not every page needs additional notes; most files are clear enough for those with half a brain to dechiper (even to those holding someone else's half!)
  • Keep it short! Break long entries into smaller ones

If you wish to add content to a file, try to integrate your additions into the help file's body while keeping inline with the help file's tone. Vandalism/spamming will result in revoking of privileges for everyone.

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