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If you wish to join the following of one of the many worthy Gods on this
mud, you need to do the following:

  1.  Get the corpse of a creature
  2.  Take the corpse to the temple of the god of your choice
  3.  Drop the corpse and type 'sacrifice corpse'

You will then join the ranks of the followers of that particular God.  If,
at some point, you wish to change Gods, simply repeat the above process at
another God's Temple, and you will join their following (showing just how
fickle you can be in the process).

The benefits of joining the following of a God are manifold, but mainly
you can receive holy equipment.

Name Temple Location Continent Run to Tablet
*Splork* Newbie College Valkyre [VK]
*Blaster* Blaster's Temple Valkyre [VK]
*Juggleblood* Medieval Circus Valkyre [VK]
*Nia* Pathways of Thordfalan - Nia's Temple Thordfalan [BH]
*Jake* Pathways of Thordfalan - Jake's Temple Thordfalan [BH]
*Krom* Temple of Krom Thordfalan [BH]
*Vom* Settlestone Niebelung [SS]
*Tysmiha* Tysmiha's Temple of Magic Niebelung [SS]
*Ming* Ming's Temple Niebelung [SS]
*Akasha* Akasha's Temple Thule [AH]
*Geddy* Penguin Vale Thule [AH]
*Alana* Alana's Temple Thule [AH]
*Judge* Judge's Temple Thule [AH]
*Neptune* Temple of Neptune The Island [IS]
*Enea* Enea's Temple The Island [IS]
*Lorraine* Thalassas The Island [IS]
*Tony* Tiger Temple Lyme [LY]
*Frobisher* Lyme Town Lyme [LY]