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enter, ye who dare
the literary within
fills you with wasemo


Random Haiku!

<random> Kingdom of Salamis

spinach and peppers
shelf life of 1 to 2 months
just add salami


river through the woods
elven keep full of undeads
the crows feast well here

Desert of Despair

regen for pworm
we go on -- hello pyro
who invited you?


streets full of young punks
newbies kill all the old men
retire elsewhere


imprisoned grymlyn
places orders from island
full rack of ribs please

Dark Chasm

welcome to chasm
technicolor enabled
pelase njoy ur stay

Settlestone Town

hamsters and turnips
provide ample training for
jezer's great deathgrip

Sin's Keep

Kas, they are coming!
Be my shield! Rescue on sing!
Are you afk!?

Mines of Moria

Speak, friend, and enter.
The dwarves mined too far, too fast.
Drums, drums in the deep.


You are standing here.
You stand at all the exits.
You are standing here.


Kill innocent mobs.
Little mimes loot the corpses.
I get no respect.

Dark Dreams

A staring contest?
With unmoving guardian?
Nothing could go wrong!

Castle of Rlyeh

Sanity drifting...
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh
Cthulhu fhtagn!

Icy Mountain

In: Icy Fissure
In this area you see:
Unmace and Unhere


Area Haikus