Summoned Creatures

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General bit about having assistance when fighting. Order followers to assist, or to kill. Some have special effects.

Supplication Creatures

Class: Cleric
Spell: Supplication

Divine assistance from the god you worship, something about needed
corpses to sacrifice, varies from combat creatures such as the Einheri
to the support creatures Kachina to the healers Peri.  Can only
supplicate the assistance of one creature at a time.  Cleric primes
have less lag when ordering supplication creatures.
List of Supplication Creatures

Animated Dead

Class: Necromancer
Spell: Animate Dead

Animate the corpses of slain creatures and bind them to your will.  Use
Necrology to see corpse size.  You can animate multiple corpses,
but are restricted by the strength of the creatures.  Control Horde increases
your control over the dead, allowing you to exert your command over more
animated dead at one time.
List of Animated Dead

Summoned Undead

Class: Necromancer
Spell: Summon Undead

Those attuned to the arts of necromancy can use their power to compel the
restless spirits of the dead to manifest themselves in this plane,
simultaneously binding themselves to the necromancer's will.  These summoned
undead can be brought into being anywhere, and require no corpse, just
sufficient reserves of mana.  Given their incorporeal origins, summoned
undead are generally less sturdy than their animated counterparts.  

List of Summoned Undead

Awakened Creatures

Class: Druid
Spell: Awaken

Those well versed in the ways of Nature are able to awaken the hidden flora
and fauna of the world to their aid.  Only when there is sufficient foliage
nearby, as well as the invigorating freedom of the outdoors can such
creatures be awakened from their dormant states.  These creatures are quite
attuned to the druids who have vowed to protect the world, so much that they
will listen to their masters even when their masters have shapeshifted into
other forms.

List of Awakened Creatures