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The time command is often used to see which, if any, of the many possible
global bonuses may be active.

These special configurations coincide naturally with the movement of the
celestial bodies; those well versed in reading the astrological signs will
be well prepared in anticipating when these extras will occur.

There are also specific days during the month where these extras are active
throughout the entire day.  

Occasionally, some benevolent (or bored) immortal will exercise their power
to activate one or more of these extras.

Known Extras

Name Message Effects Houses Calendar Days
Fast Repop The fertility goddess smiles upon the world!
  • Area reset times are decreased significantly
Spring, Nature
Fargate The manipulation of raw magic is very strong.
  • Gate and summon spells can be used across continents.
  • Innkeepers are also gateable, see Inns for a list
Great Master Twivel
No Cap The greatest struggles offer even greater lessons.
  • There is still a cap, but considerably higher than normal
Winter, Winter Wolf
Group Exp The glory of marching in armies has reached an epiphany.
  • This adds extra experience points for large groups.
Battle, Ancient Darkness
No Lost Concentration Your affinity to magic strengthens.
  • No lost concentration on spells learned more than 25%
Better Pop Rates The fertility goddess smiles down upon our creatures.
  • Better pop rates
Fast Regeneration Mother Nature's presence can be felt everywhere today!
  • Mana and Hit Point Regeneration increased substantially.
Sun, Heat
Day of the Dead The day of the dead is upon us.
  • Undead be kah-razy
Oct. 31
  • Everyone can attack everyone. /Stabhugs for everyone!