Time Extras

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Known Extras

Name Message Effects Houses Calendar Days
Fast Repop The fertility goddess smiles upon the world!
  • Area reset times are decreased significantly
Spring, Nature
Fargate The manipulation of raw magic is very strong.
  • Gate and summon spells can be used across continents.
  • Innkeepers are also gateable, see Inns for a list
Great Master Twivel
No Cap The greatest struggles offer even greater lessons.
  • There is still a cap, but considerably higher than normal
Winter, Winter Wolf
Group Exp The glory of marching in armies has reached an epiphany.
  • This adds extra experience points for large groups.
Battle, Ancient Darkness
No Lost Concentration Your affinity to magic strengthens.
  • No lost concentration on spells learned more than 25%
Better Pop Rates The fertility goddess smiles down upon our creatures.
  • Better pop rates
Fast Regeneration Mother Nature's presence can be felt everywhere today!
  • Mana and Hit Point Regeneration increased substantially.
Sun, Heat
Day of the Dead The day of the dead is upon us.
  • Undead be kah-razy
Oct. 31
  • Everyone can attack everyone. /Stabhugs for everyone!