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Disease Symptoms Cure
Hack Coughing, sneezing; minor loss of ability to regenerate spent magical energy cast 'remove disease' hack
Neurokila Twitching; loss of intelligence and wisdom cast 'remove disease' neurokila
Sloth Limping; lack of physical energy cast 'remove disease' sloth
Telephasia Sufferers spontaneously vanish, o­nly to reappear somewhere else, when they involuntarily sneeze cast 'remove disease' telephasia
Lepricosy Body parts decay and fall off; the victim's aim with a weapon or bare-hands is impacted No known cure, but it eventually wears off
Unknown No known effects other than to spread to other people cast 'remove disease' unknown
Discord Sudden behavioral changes have been noted; most noticeably, formerly angelic people suddenly find themself fully aligned with the minions of the underworld, while those who previously served as assassins and other filthy professions suddenly start caring for small mammals. cast 'remove disease' discord
Narcolepsy The sufferer falls asleep at the most inopportune times... and any other time, too cast 'remove disease' narcalepsy
Insomnia Those who have this debilitating problem simply cannot stay asleep, no matter how badly they need the rest. cast 'remove disease' insomnia
Clumsy The fumble-fingered aspect of this spell causes the sufferer to spill their coins everywhere. cast 'remove disease' clumsy
Solstark All the waters of the Great Ocean would not be enough to slake the thirst of someone suffering from Solstark. cast 'remove disease' solstark
Bulemia The sufferer vomits copiously, but retains an endless appetite. cast 'remove disease' bulemia
Slurrrr Speech becomes so twisted that the victim is unable to enunciate clearly enough to cast spells of any variety. Occasionally the massive confusion wrought by this disease gives the victim a seizure. The process of this disease takes some time to develop, while the disease-causing agents incubate in the victim's body. cast 'remove disease' slurrrr
Donkeyitis The victim slowly turns into... a donkey. cast 'remove disease' donkeyitis
Vampirism This horrible disease realizes itself in four ways:a) The victim is no longer interested in normal food. Instead, she must dine o­n the blood of humanoids around them.b) Sunlight burns the victim horribly.c) o­n the bright side (figuratively), those afflicted with those disease regenerate more quickly at night when outdoors.d) Last but not least... if the victims of this disease take too much damage while in battle, they suddenly turn into a bat and flee the scene. cast 'turn undead'
Gold Fever Those afflicted with gold fever become greedy misers, refusing to share in the bounty of anything they find. No known cure, but it eventually wears off. For the sake of those around them, sufferers are kept in isolation cells until the disease abates.
Heebie-Jeebies The victim realizes that she's been right all along. They really have been hunting her. No known cure, but it eventually wears off.
Petrification Much like meeting Medusa, this disease turns the victim to stone... but instead of being instantaneous, it happens over time. cast 'stone to flesh'
Hyperpyrosis The victim undergoes spontaneous human combustion, eventually exploding and spreading their equipment in all directions. No known cure. Those afflicted with this strange disease are moved to a fireproof shelter, as they will eventually explode.