Fathmori Legends

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Chapter 1. Legend of Fathmori Lovelette Jovanavuc

   The legendary Fathmori Lovelette Jovanavuc is the author of the
manuscripts that led to the production of this Tome and the first human
historian to maintain written records detailing the history of Jord.  A
bard by profession, Fathmori traveled the world of Jord from the time of
adolescence, obsessed with ancient lore and tales of mysticism and the
supernatural.  A neutral party to every major event that shaped the coruse
of history, Fathmori was privy to sights and information like no other
mortal.  Demons, angels, gods, and dragons - all have welcomed Fathmori
into their lairs for a sit down and a chat.

   A hero to historians, Fathmori wrote hundreds of texts and books, and
another unknown number of scrolls over the course of his immeasurable
life.  It was rumored that the texts of Fathmori, if stacked atop one
another, would reach into the heavens vast.  All of that is lost today,
as only a handful of Fathmori's documents remain.  At an undetermined
point in history, a great and ancient god - 'The One Who Must Go Unnamed'
is fabled to have been the subject of one of the Fathmori texts.  Angered
that a mortal had come to realize the his true identity, The One Who Must
Go Unnamed reportedly struck down the great historian, setting fire to
many of the historical documents.  Those parchments that did not burn
were scattered across the world of Jord in the explosion that obliterated
Fathmori and his legendary library.

   Over the centuries, single pages as well as small compilations of texts
have been discovered across Jord.  These rare texts have been gathered
and collected by Yuluk.  Yuluk maintains a section of scribes whose sole
purpose is to translate these ancient texts so that the world may once
again know the power of the Fathmori Legends and the history of the world.

Chapter 2. The Seed of Njor

   Ages ago, the world of Jord was but a single continent.  Long roads
connected the kingdoms together, and these roads were controlled by the
hordes of King Arivan, ruler of Kara'sa.  During this reign, the lands
of Jord were embroiled in bitter struggles over an ancient relic handed
down from the gods called the Seed of Njor.  The seed is claimed to have
been given to the mortals by a long dead god named WoWiWe.  The Seed is
fabled to have given the mortals a common language through which all the
races could speak to one another an open up trade and the exchange of ideas.
The WoWiWe hoped that this would aid in the evolution of mortal beings into
something greater than each individual could accomplish on their own.

   As with any gift from the gods that would greatly enhance the standard of
mortal life, the Seed also came with a curse.  Though originally intended
as a product for trade and ascension, another creator god, also long dead
and disappeared from the realm of the modern Parthenon, saw fit to lay a
curse on the Seed.  According to legeng, Pron, the evil deity, Pron, cast upon
the Seed the curse of greed and vanity.  WoWiWe was fiercely angered by
his god-kin's actions.

   Pron spoke, 'Mortals are doomed, for they shall be unable to resist the
temptation to own and control all that is not theirs.'

   WoWiWe was taken aback by this declaration, believing in the goodness of
childlike creations, the mortals of Jord.  In an act that has since doomed
all generations, WoWiWe agreed to allow the curse to remain, confident in
his children's ability to resist the temptation the cursed Seed offered.  He
was wrong.

   The children of Jord soon learned that the owner of the Seed of Njor
controlled all that is. The power of the Seed divided the mortals into two
distinct classes - the emprites, to whom all things were gained, and the
ruffins, to whom all things were taken.  Who-so-ever controlled the Seed of
Njor ensured that their kingdom remained the sole centralized focus of the
known world.  From this curse sprung the first War of the Black Rose.

Chapter 3. The War of the Black Rose

   For centuries the Seed of Njor remained in the hands of the tyrannical
ruler of Kara'sa, King Arivan.  As King Arivan held the relic, so did the
legendary capital of Jord prosper for centuries under the mage-king's
rule. However, other kingdoms longed for the power of the Seed and joined
forces in what became known as the Order of the Black Rose. Led by the
powerful general of the Kingdom of Sardaukar, General Shandlar, the Order
of the Black Roses army laid waste to much of Kara'sa's empire.

   The kingdom of Kara'sa had its own champion, Lord Otholem, who if the
legends are to be believed, wielded the mighty Blade of Ascension.  Several
times during the war, Shandlar's forces were decimated by the awesome power
of Otholem and his sword. This back-and-forth struggle went on for generations,
resulting the countless casualties on both sides.  No end could be seen.  It
was not until a young Prince Degrance I was elevated to the ruler ship of the
rebel kingdoms that the world of mortals dared to hope for peace.

   Wise beyond his years, King Lucius Degrance I sought the aid of the
Creators, the immortal successors of WoWiWe, to seek their guidance in
bringing an end to the war.  Answering Degrance's supplication, the
Creators were saddened by the condition of the world.  Entire cities lay in
ruins.  The blood of thousands stained the earth.  Unspeakable evils and
forgotten horrors roamed unchecked throughout the world, freed by the
warring kingdoms to fight for them.  The Great Council of Creators decided
to intervene, setting into motion the Cleansing.

Chapter 4. The Cleansing

   The Cleansing, also known as the Cataclysm and Great Sundering, was a
plan by the Creators to use the greed of the mortals to decide the future
of Jord.  The Creators offered the mortals of Jord untold power if they
could construct the unique relic known as the Armageddon Clock.  Unable to
resist the promise of ultimate power, the mortals readily, and greedily,
pursued the construction of the artifact.

   Upon completion of the Armageddon Clock, the world stopped and life as
it was known ended.  For the Creators, this time was but the blink of an
eye, and during this freeze they descended from their thrones in the
godlands and struck down the vile ruler of Kara'sa, cursing he and his
followers to forever wander the very capital that once ruled the world.
There, the spirits of the Karasans were damned to forever lament their
greed, unable to quench their thirst or pacify their hunger.  To deter
future conflicts, the Creators sundered the land, splitting the lone
continent into several smaller ones.

   In their greatness, the Creators saw fit to save the kingdom of King
Degrance, who had requested their aid in the first place.  They left
the continent of Thordfalan untouched, and left Bal Harbor as the sole
safe harbor along the treacherous coasts of the landmass.  When the
Creators allowed time to resume, survivors flocked to Bal Harbor for
safety before once again venturing out into the new world to explore.
During the reign of King Lucius Degrance I, the world remained in an
unsteady peace as trade grew stronger and heroes walked the land slaying
the evils that lurked in the shadows.

   However, not long after the end of the Cleansing, a mysterious plague
began to spread across the land, striking down the venerable King Degrance.
Rotting in his own dying body, Degrance I had no choice but to relenquish
his kingship to his only male heir, Lucius Degrance II.  A spoiled brat of
a child, the young Degrance II began his rulership by reforming the long
dismantled army from the time of the War of the Black Rose.

Chapter 5. The Rise of Degrance II

   Longing to raise the Degrance house back to the glory it held during
the first War of the Black Rose, Degrance II called upon his army to seek
out and recover the ancient Seed of Njor and return it to Bal Harbor.
With the Seed in the possession of Bal Harbor, Degrance II hoped to ensure
the prosperity of his family name for generations to come.

   What will come of this decision?  How will the reappearance of the Seed
and its curse affect the future of Bal Harbor, Jord, and the inhabitants
of both?  Only time can tell.....