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Settlestone, SS
Capital City: Settlestone
Recall Point: Settlestone's Well
Run Map:

[VK] A White Griffon
[BH] The Jesna/The Sea Maiden
[AH] The Bandit/The Brigand
[IS] The Tiny Timmy
[LY] The Reaper/The Odyssey

Welcome to Niebelung! After the rendering of the world, the industrious dwarves rebuilt their city to the great metropolis that it is now. Nearby, to the east of Settlestone, the elves have re-established their tree. From the towering elven tree, one can make out the city of Barovia and the haunted castle of Ravenloft to the south. There is an old wives tale that speaks of giant flowers that walk and that could snap a man in two! The Grymlyns have made their home just south of the Fairys.

Soon after Settlestone was established, the town of Xanthippe was built and flourished but fell to some great invading force. The Derros also stake their claim to the caverns of Niebelung, and not to be left out are the dark elves. Thought to have been destroyed when the world was ripped apart, the drow have burrowed out to the surface and make raids on the cities of Niebelung.

If you come to visit, make sure that you are careful and hire a few guards. You will need them for your protection.


Area Name Run Difficulty Builder(s)
Settlestone [+] [Recall] Lowbie *Drizzt*, *Wilde*, *Ming*
Arboretum [+] 8wus Mid/High Solo *Virus*
Castle of Perseverance [+] 4n3e4n *Wasp*
Centaurs' Domain [+] 4n4w10n Mid/High Solo *Jedha*
City of the Undead [+] 7e2se5s3w4n; op hidden; w; pick door; op door; nwn; pick door; op door; nn *Blaster*
City of Theris [+] 7e2s2e *Veta*
Clipper, The [+] *Elwood*
Crossroads [+] 6w2nw3nw2n; pick gateway; open gateway; 6n3e; open gate e; e
Dalina Mansion [+] 8wu6wn3wsw *Veta*
DemonWeb and Citadel, The [+] 8wu6wn3w4s Large Group, High Solo *Wemic*
Derro Caverns [+] 8wuw2swsws2w Mid/High Solo *Ming*
Dwarven Mountain, The [+] 8sw Mid *Jake*
Ettin Village [+] 8wun *Tower*
Ettin Village - Tower's Temple [+] 8wun *Tower*
Fairy Forest [+] 6wn Lowbie *Wilde*
Fairy Forest - Fairy Rest Tree [+] 6wn Low to Mid *Wilde*
Griffons' Forest [+] 8se
Grymlyns [+] 6ws Lowbie *Feyd*
Infirmary of Farlorne, The [+] 8wu6ws3w *Deimos*
Kendermore [+] 8se2s6es2e; pick gate; open gate Mid Solo/Grp *Rere*
Kingdom of Salamis [+] 8s6w3s2e;hire chopak *Juggleblood*
Kozakura [+] 6w2nw3nw2n Mid/High Solo, Small Grp *Asryal*
Labyrinth, The [+] 8wu6ws
Lirgea [+] 9en5e2n2e *Rae*
M.A.G.I.C. [+] 8ses3e3d3ne;touch nose;w;(deal with block-agg guard);3nww;pick doors;op doors;wnn;op doors;w *Rita*
Mana Pools [+] 8wus *Juggleblood*
Mansion of the Mourned [+] 8wu6wn2wn *Rita*, *Sypha*
Maw, The [+] 7e2se3s5e *Clink*
Mines of Moria, The [+] 8s16w; open door w; w2d; open door s; s; open barrier w; w *Judge*
Ming's Temple [+] 9en2esw *Ming*
Murkwood [+] 6w2nw2n *Pbx*
Myconid Realms [+] 8n2en *Tyche*
Niebelung Beach [+] 7e2se4s *Ming*, *Feyd*
Ogre Village and Caverns [+] (Need Waterbreathing) 7e2se4s6e3se2d3sue; open seaweed; d5s; open crack; e; open door; e; open trapdoor; d
Opera Symphonia [+] 4w6nw *Chobbs*
Pagoda of Enlightenment [+] 7e2se3s6e *Pixie*
Phantom Creek [+] 9en4e4s; open doors; 4s; enter mist; 6e; open door; e; close door; 2e2s3e2s3e3s2ws2ws; open flap; w *Tox*
Ravenloft in Barovia [+] 9en4es Mid *Truffle*
Ravenloft in Barovia - Castle Ravenloft [+] 9en4e4s;op doors;4s;en mist;6e;op door;e;cl door;eess3ess8eunuwun;op portcullis;n Mid Solo, Small/Large Groups *Truffle*
Rita's Temple [+] 9en2es3wn *Rita*
River of Blood [+] 7e2se5s3w4n; op hidden; w; pick door; op door; nwn; pick door; op door; ne *Veta*
Sahaguins, The [+] (Need Waterbreathing) 7e2se4s6e3s *Kalmak*
Settlestone - Settlestone Citadel [+] 5n Mid Grp, High Solo *Drizzt*, *Wilde*, *Ming*
Shadow Keep [+] 6w2nw5nu2nen *Pbx*
Sin's Hold [+] pop a charred gate key; 6w2nw5nu2nen; unlock gates n; open gates n; 3n; open door n; n; close door s; lock door s; eue2n; unlock doors n; open doors n; n; close door s *Pbx*
Sky Elves [+] 9en5e3n Mid/High Solo
Temple of Fiends [+] 9en4e4s; open doors south; 4s; enter mist; 6e; open door; 3e2s3e2s3e3s2ws2ws; open flap; 2w2sw2se2s4es2ese2s *Tox*
Temple Ruins [+] 7e2se5s3w3n4w *Ratkiller*
Tower of Nexialism [+] 9en2es2w *Rita*
Tysmiha's Temple of Magic [+] 9en5e2ne
Undead Burial Grounds [+] 7e2se5s2w *Blaster*
Undead Burial Grounds - Asheron, The [+] 7e2se5s3w3n; en asheron *Ratkiller*
Undead Burial Grounds - Crematory [+] 7e2se5s3w4n; op hidden; w
Undead Burial Grounds - Vampire Lair [+] 7e2se5s3w4; kill gatekeeper for key; unlock gates n; open gates n; 7n; open gate; 2n *Blaster*
Underdark, The [+] 8ses3e *Smokin*
Underdark, The - Ocean Floor, The [+] (Boat & water breathing) 8ses3e3d3nee;op rock;en;en waterfall;w *Smokin*
Web of Lolth, The [+] (Fly & Invis) 8wu6wn3w4s; pray lolth; d; open stone; e; cl stone; ssddeddsded4e; flee d; se; flee d; flee e; n3esese2nes3e2s2eneuees; unlock gate; op gate *Wemic*
Xanthippe [+] 8wu6wn2w2s2u5s Mid/High Solo, Small Grp *Ming*

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