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Temple of Fiends
Builder: *Tox*
Date Added:
Continent: Niebelung [SS]
Run to Area: 9en4e4s; open doors south; 4s; enter mist; 6e; open door;

3e2s3e2s3e3s2ws2ws; open flap; 2w2sw2se2s4es2ese2s

Repop Time:

An age from centuries ago, the ancient culture that thrived around this temple has vanished off the face of the world. Only two things remain from those days long since past. The first is the temple itself. Broken and worn away with time, only a few columns and a couple of passageways below the ground remain. The second is a maze of tunnels from an old mine. It lies down the hill east of the temple. Now, only horrid fiends inhabit the area.

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                               Phantom Creek ---+--- E
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