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Phantom Creek
Builder: *Tox*
Date Added:
Continent: Niebelung [SS]
Run to Area: 9en4e4s; open doors; 4s; enter mist; 6e; open door; e; close door; 2e2s3e2s3e3s2ws2ws; open flap; w
Repop Time:
Difficulty: 2x40 solo, small group

Long ago, two armies met on the battlefield, slaughtering each other. So bad were the casualties on each side, it was considered a loss to both. Little did the armies know that a third party, a Lord from a nearby country, had fooled the two armies into doing battle. The result weakened his adversaries enough that there was no opposition when he walked into their lands with his own armored soldiers. Because the two armies had fought each other needlessly, the souls of the men were never at peace and still walk the land in search of a way to cross over into the afterlife. Phantom Creek has also been known to be called Shiroka's woods, though rumor of the witch has yet to be proven. None who have ventured into the woods has ever lived to tell the tale.

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