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Settlestone, SS
Capital City: Settlestone
Recall Point: Settlestone's Well
Run Map:

[VK] A White Griffon
[BH] The Jesna/The Sea Maiden
[AH] The Bandit/The Brigand
[IS] The Tiny Timmy
[LY] The Reaper/The Odyssey

Welcome to Niebelung! After the rendering of the world, the industrious dwarves rebuilt their city to the great metropolis that it is now. Nearby, to the east of Settlestone, the elves have re-established their tree. From the towering elven tree, one can make out the city of Barovia and the haunted castle of Ravenloft to the south. There is an old wives tale that speaks of giant flowers that walk and that could snap a man in two! The Grymlyns have made their home just south of the Fairys.

Soon after Settlestone was established, the town of Xanthippe was built and flourished but fell to some great invading force. The Derros also stake their claim to the caverns of Niebelung, and not to be left out are the dark elves. Thought to have been destroyed when the world was ripped apart, the drow have burrowed out to the surface and make raids on the cities of Niebelung.

If you come to visit, make sure that you are careful and hire a few guards. You will need them for your protection.