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Tower of Nexialism
Builder: *Rita*
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Continent: Niebelung [SS]
Run to Area: 9en2es2w
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HISTORY OF MAGIC, Vol 1: Schools of Magic
   There exists only one true school of magic: Nexialism, the art of integrated magic employing a bit of each kind of sorcery. Wurragurr the Desacratrix is rightfully considered to be the founder of nexialistic school of magic, with his deathless transeidetic equations, later enhanced and modified in Silance's Six Universal Laws (see STUDIES IN ADVANCED MAGIC, Vol 3 for more information). Without the Desacratrix we would never even have dreamed of nexialism, because it is an extremely alien kind of magic.
   The Desacratrix wears human clothes and has a human face, but whence has he come? It is uncertain. He might not be fully human. Hell, he might not be of this world. Stranger things have happened...
   Inhabiting a grove just by the Temple of Rita, the Desacratrix erected a Tower in a matter of maybe seven minutes and a half which he intended to be his place of study. The initial project undertaken by him personally was finding a way into other dimensions. He failed. The Draconic Door is the evidence of his attempt. It does provide access to otherworldly dimensions, but apparently not to the one the Desacratrix calls home.
   The Desacratrix's power, skill, and wit are immeasurable. Has he not done that which is impossible? Has he not created the Wiedzmin? Has he not found the recipe for the Tear of Night?A great many magicians joined the Desacratrix. Among the first ones was Silance, an extraordinarily talented mistress of magic, though not overburdened by the abundance of conscience. There's no doubt she would kill the Desacratrix if she could (albeit he doesn't care). Then, Salazar the Godbane who challenged the gods themselves and lived. Then, Magister Krelnack the White who did the impossible, making the Demon Khalagan the Recalcitrant succumb and surrender (see STUDIES IN SPELLS: HERMETIC WARD for more information).
   Naturally, the majority of wizards did not universally hail the Desacratrix. Wizard Bomanz loathes nexialism. So do the Shadowmasters, who consider raw power the only true key to domination. They represent the only rivals to nexialism, as Shadowspinner and Stormshadow were able to overpower Lord Roedrig, the most possible Silance's successor. Icemage Karr battled with Salazar Godbane, and was injured cruelly -- he is currently hiding in his home on the continent of Thule and nurtures hopes of retaliation. It is rumored that Avatar Frost and Silance will fight one day. The Lava mages have not yet expressed their attitude toward the new school of magic. Finally, the last truly notable users of magic, the inhabitants of D'Loc A'Loc, as always, keep divine indifference to the affairs of puny mortals, nexialistic or not.
   In a matter of a few generations Nexialism will spread worldwide and be the classic school of magic -- but as of now, it remains just one of the great many of them, albeit a very interesting, unruly, powerful one...

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