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The Infirmary of Farlorne
Builder: *Deimos*
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Continent: Niebelung [SS]
Run to Area: 8wu6ws3w
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Long ago, the Infirmary of Farlorne (a hospital) was set up outside the ancient battle site of Farlorne by dwarves on the continent of Niebelung. At first it was a temporary structure, built to help the survivors of that battle, but people kept coming after the original wounded had all either healed, or died. This second wave of patients consisted of citizens of the surrounding woods. With time, however, the reputation of the infirmary grew, and people from far continents began to arrive for treatments of last resort. Many times these magical and herbal treatments were successful, and the infirmary became famous for its miraculous therapies and cures. However, as of late, resources for the infirmary have been running short at a time when a terrible plague is ravaging the population. The afflicted are dying at a faster rate than they can be buried, despite the best efforts and treatments of the infirmary staff. In an attempt to keep the epidemic under control and away from the population centers near Settlestone, a quarantine has been proclaimed for the infirmary. However, many patients and staff alike are starting to panic, and attempts to break the quarantine are now an ever-increasing threat.

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