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The DemonWeb and Citadel
Builder: *Wemic*
Date Added:
Continent: Niebelung [SS]
Run to Area: 8wu6wn3w4s
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The home of the physical manifestation of Lolth and her host of dark elves and horde of demonic guests, this vast area features many snares to trap the unwary and weak.

The adventurer begins in the steeply descending tunnel which leads to the web. This tunnel is one-way ride to sheer terror and ecstasy. You will understand this when you stand at the edge of the vast cavern of the web and behold its unbelievable size and beauty. However, be careful, the spiders and guards living on this web are quick to action. Sucking the life-blood from you is their goal.

If you should make it through the web, you will arrive at the Citadel. A ghoulish group of residents and visitors abound here, all somehow fiendishly connected with Lolth! What are their plans? We aren't for sure, but they don't want you to find out.

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