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Builder: *Alana*
Date Added:
Continent: The Island [IS]
Run to Area: 3eseses2es2uede3sw
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Mid

Being an island city, the history of Thalassas has more trading disputes than wars. It is an open city, one that welcomes visitors of any station and race. As part of this openness, the four religious festivals known as the Firenights give anybody permission to visit the palace that crowns a hill overlooking the harbor, something that annoys the librarians at its School of Scribes tremendously. Of course, the public baths and Temple of the Lady Sea, also on the hill, are open any day of the year, and at any time. May you enjoy your visit, friend.

based on a module by Carlos Miranda

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  • Home of Lorraine's Tablet

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