Spell:Death Pact

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Usage:         cast 'death pact'
Cost:          100 mana
Level:         Necromancer 10 (Prime Only)
Duration:      24 hours
Accumulative:  -
Save Versus:   -
Damage Type:   -
Stratum:       Necromancy
Spellbook:     the guide to cheating death
Prerequisite:  -
See Also:      DEATH

True necromancers have been known to have complete control over the very
threads that bind the spirit to the body.  In this it has been said lies
the secret to eternal life, for if the threads are strengthened sufficiently,
the boundary between life and death becomes extremely fuzzy.  With this
skill mastered, the learned necromancer may use a large portion of his
spiritual life force to cheat the final death by preventing the threads
from separating as they usually do upon the cessation of life.  Provided
the body is in relatively intact condition (severe and disfiguring wounds
may prevent the spiritual threads from being able to connect to the body),
this incantation allows the necromancer to retrieve his soul before it is
lost in the eternity of death and return to life and consciousness, albeit
greatly weakened (death is quite stressful, so they say).