Song:Call of the Sidhe

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Usage:         sing 'call of the sidhe' '<spell name>'
Cost:          5 mana
Level:         Bard 38 (Prime Only)
Duration:      About an hour
Accumulative:  -
Save Versus:   -
Damage Type:   -
Stratum:       Mental
Spellbook:     songbook of planar hymns
Prerequisite:  -

This haunting melody was taught to bards long ago by the Sidhe, a race
of dangerous and, some say, beautiful beings that come from another plane.
The Sidhe's extra-planar aspect lets them manipulate spells as we can
manipulate material things, sculpting them into charms.  While this song
doesn't compel the Sidhe to do anything in particular, it usually gets them
to show up.  At that point if offered a suitable reward and the correct
materials, they will sculpt a wand-like charm that can cast any desired
spell.  You must be able to cast said spell to describe it adequately to
the Sidhe.

Different sorts of Sidhe might show up depending on the power of the
requested spell.  The wise bard will have an appropriate reward for their
time ready; it's best to place the award on the ground, along with any
materials needed for the desired charm, BEFORE casting the spell.  Sidhe
are mercurial and likely to take it badly if the reward isn't there.

See 'help sidhe' for more information on what the different types of
Sidhe might want as a reward.  See 'help sidhe charms' for more information
on what raw materials are needed to make charms for different types of

In general the type of Sidhe that shows up is as follows:

spell lvl 0-9      Fear Gorta
spell lvl 10-19    Cluricaun
spell lvl 20-29    Leith Phrogan
spell lvl 30-40    Sheoque
avatar spells      Fear Sidhe

Note: do NOT attack the Sidhe.  Consider the words "never seen again".