Song:Cry of the Avatars

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Usage:         sing 'cry of the avatars'
Cost:          32 mana
Level:         Bard 36
Duration:      Length of Song
Accumulative:  -
Save Versus:   ?
Damage Type:   Sonic
Stratum:       Channelling
Spellbook:     totem of the avatar tales
Prerequisite:  -
See Also:      AREA SPELLS
This furious song roars out and pounds viciously in f, f# and g minor,
which presents a real challenge to the Bard's vocal chords.  It hurts
the skald's enemies.  We do not understand well how exactly does it
work, much less why the bard's companions do not get affected (possibly
the Bard's will somehow affects the song), but it is clear that it
causes a great deal of internal bleeding.