Song:Dance of the Seven Luck Gods

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Usage:         sing 'dance of the seven luck gods'
Cost:          100 mana
Level:         Bard 40 (Prime Only)
Duration:      Length of Song
Accumulative:  -
Save Versus:   -
Damage Type:   -
Stratum:       Mental
Spellbook:     a handwritten musical composition
Prerequisite:  -
See Also:      -

There are seven gods that govern the fortunes of men.  Their spheres
include the harvest, trade, investments, fishing, and probably of greatest
interest to itinerant minstrels, treasure.  This ancient and difficult
song attracts the interest of these powerful beings.

That rare skald who masters the seven interleaved rhythms of this complex
dance will, legend has it, find vastly increased troves of jewelry, puissant
magics, and other treasure.  In order to work, the dance must be ongoing
when the bard's foes appear.  It is rumored that the enemies will then be
as much as twice as likely to carry valuable treasure.