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Aisholm, AH
Capital City: Aisholm Town
Recall Point: The Wide Gate
Run Map:

[VK] A Blue Phoenix
[BH] The Jesna/The Dresden
[SS] The Bandit/The Brigand
[IS] The Swimming Oliphant
[Ly] Charon's Grief/The Hesperus

Thule is a land of ice and snow where danger lurks around every turn.

After the rendering of the world, the people of the north started to rebuild their lives and created the town of Aisholm, near the southern coast, where the temperatures are their most moderate.

Huge mountains make up most of the landscape of the continent.

Everything from deadly dragons and ice gargoyles to penguins and the kind Eskimos make their home in these mountains.

Near town, the Zodiac scholars fight an eternal battle against the clerics of the Dark Tower.

A large hive of bees lurks in wait for anyone foolish enough to invade their demesne, and somewhere nearby lurk a tribe of backwoods-men known as Yoopers.