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Dark Dreams
Builder: *Rita*, *Alana*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: 1n5es; open gate; ses; stare Elzeard
Repop Time:

Can Bal Harbor surrender? Can the Sloth? No! The monster Elzeard knows it well. He had always been defeated disastrously whenever he tried. But a stubborn thing he is, determined to succeed one day. He found himself offered help by Lormodriel the Meditative who said, use brain instead of brawn. Simple, elegant, and effective - if the external world rejects, move inside your brain, to an internal world, and imagine it. Landscapes of despair and death under skies of lead, fields where bodies rot, slime covering everything, hanging in strands like the architecture of drunken spiders - thats what you find in Elzeards unceasing dreams of Undead Bal Harbor. Mad. Mad. Mad. And not a touch of color anywhere. Unceasing - Dark Dreams.

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                                Aisholm Town ---+--- Aisholm Town
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