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Ethereal Plane
Builder: *Shadows*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: n2wn2wse2s; open crack; w5u2w; open lens; enter lens; dnesen2e3sen; flee east; nen4ene2n; unlock door n; open door n; 2nw; climb staircase
Repop Time:

The Ethereal Plane is a vast wasteland of near nothingness. Created millenia ago by the most ancient of wizards, the Ethereal Plane is a great 3-Dimensional space that allows access to the farthest reaches of the world. One may journey to other worlds that consist of the elements, energies, or those only formerly thought of as myth.The Ethereal Plane is not without peril however as there are many creatures that roam this environment and call it their home. Also, each doorway, or conduit, to another world is guarded by some sort of creature. So take heed, this realm is not for the lightly trained. The Ether Dragon, a Solar, Pazuzu - Demon Prince of the Ether, and the Essence Vortex are just a few of the creatures that are found in this realm.The Elemental Planes are not in fact the true elemental planes as one may think, but each is a pocket plane where one element holds dominion over all others. Be forewarned, the elements can be hostile, and many a creature will attack any outsider on sight. At the end of each Pocket Elemental Plane lies the entrance to a vast Citadel of the appropriate Elemental type, beyond which lies the Elemental Princes.*area note* Eventually this area description will be expanded to five separate areas if warranted by size of the forthcoming elemental palaces. Check back here after the areas open. Due to the complexity of the Ether plane, a map is not provided, but rather a page containing directions for navigating its realms and directions of how to get there. Below is a map covering just the elemental planes.

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                                                N  U
                                                | /
                                           W ---+--- E
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                                             D  S
 enter conduit -> Air Plane
 enter conduit -> Earth Plane
 enter conduit -> Fire Plane
 enter conduit -> Water Plane
 enter conduit -> Negative Energy Plane
 enter conduit -> Positive Energy Plane

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