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Forest of Grimm, The
Builder: *Neptune*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: Make One!
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Low to Sub-Mid

Quick Notes

Nestled in the snowy areas of southwest Thule, this strange forest boasts tales of strange persons and even stranger creatures. First reported by a group of loggers from the nearby logging camps, the Forest of Grimm brings with it tales as strange as its inhabitants. At first, it may appear as a small community tucked away in the isolation of a dark forest, but as the winding trails take the adventurer deeper into the remote parts of the continent, it becomes apparent that things aren't quite what they at first appeared. What's so strange about this area? What makes the inhabitants of The Forest of Grimm unique? Only proper exploration may discover that.

Adjacent Areas

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General Notes & Tips