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Crypt, The
Builder: *Scorn*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: 6nwn2wnd; taste chalice; 2wd3n4w13n4w
Repop Time:

The Crypt is a seedy place where the dead don't seem to want to stay that way. Several mythological creatures have made this hell their residence. Melephus is constructing a reptilian army to take over the world, while Gargantuan is constructing a gargantuan army of ghastly animals. The residents of the Crypt have invited Medusa and her Gorgon sisters to stay at their lair.

Included is the potential for high risk, fast pace, and great experience for groups. Be wary, there are some traps.

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                                 Raven Glade ---+--- Chaeston Tower
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