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Chaeston Tower
Builder: *Cutter*
Date Added:
Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: 6nwn2wnd; taste chalice; 2wd3nwn
Repop Time:

This is a land of contrasting climates, from the lush forest to the icy frozen river region. However, it's all cold, so bring something warm. The inhabitants are friendly for the most part, but fierce to defend themselves. The land is guarded by the highly skilled elven guard. To enter you will either have to kill them or find other methods of entry, possibly using magic.

The forest is thickly wooded. In it you can find a dragon and other woodland creatures, some when you look up. To the north lies a tower where students and others can learn, train and practice their magic. Near the tower there is a frozen river area where some aggressive animals can make exploration hazardous to your health. Be careful!

Can you solve the mystery of the secret door? Take heart, there is a way!

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