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Builder: *Alana*
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Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: 6nwn2en3e2e; open pen; e
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According to Shewhotalkswiththeearth, the giant shamaness of Aisholm, the zwolfs are a legend of her people. Their stories recall them as being great mages, cruel tricksters who licked to capture those of other races and torture them by a mixture of physical and magical means. They created gardens of great beauty, new races of people and animals, spells that no giant has even been able to learn. Then, one day, they disappeared, and their neighbors breathed with relief. Many years later, an adventurer who was exploring the neighborhood of Aisholm stumbled into what seems to be all that remains of the powerful zwolfs. Their magic and power have all but disappeared, their gardens frozen, their servants gone. Whatever the once-feared magi did to themselves, it was worse than anything their enemies could have imagined.

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