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Builder: *Rita*
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Continent: Thule [AH]
Run to Area: (Need Fly) 6nw2uwdesdw2usun; cast 'dispel magic' mirage; unes2dndsdsd; open slab; d
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Geologically speaking, Gossameringue is a giant cavity in the recesses of the earth, an 'air bubble' in the mass of bedrock of the Thule continent. The bubble is several miles in diameter. Naturally, it is cold down there, though less so than on the ground: the walls of calcite, porous and isolating, provide heat insulation: the temperature is fairly low but remains more or less the same throughout the entire year. Geographically speaking, this cavity is situated beneath the plateau of Iceglen. Since the multiple icebergs in Iceglen hint that ocean was once in its place, it is logical to assume that Gossameringue is part of the former ocean floor. That this might be true prove the giant proportions of the cave, which spans nearly two miles from up to bottom and eight to ten across.Biologically speaking, not much could survive in so barren an environment, except maybe ever-beings, which are alive but only metaphorically: their metabolism is so slow as to dwarf a rock's. Historically speaking, there is no guessing as to how many years, centuries, aeons Gossameringue stayed uninhabited. But one day they came. They. Giant arachnids. They are the impossible come true. You see, they are insects, and as all insects do, they breathe through tracheae. An insect can grow only so large, maybe five, six inches at most. If they grow further, the flow of air is insufficient to sustain their life functions. They would suffocate from the lack of oxygene. Besides, insects are cold-blooded and so cannot survive in a cold climate.These spiders can. The largest specimens are known to reach twenty feet across, legs not included. It is not certain yet as to how they breathe. Not certain how they manage to live. Even though their 'blood' is cold, they somehow keep their metabolism at the same level. There is only one sensible explanation to that.Magically speaking, yes, these arachnids might be created in an experiment. They feed upon warm-blooded creatures all right, like their smaller brethren upon tiny birds. They even feed upon humans. They might be intelligent, but their sort of intelligence is alien to us, and certainly the concept of feeding upon other intelligent species does not appall them. Maybe even appeals to them.Gossameringue...

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