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Crystal Falls
Builder: *Zarc*
Date Added:
Continent: Thordfalan [BH]
Run to Area: 4wsw4s
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Lowbie - High

This is an excerpt taken from Sir Hillary Q. Lipbalm's last journal entry after entering the Crystal Fall's region, found by a wayward journeyman:

"I have set out on what I hope to be a relaxing float trip down a most peaceful river. A curiosity perplexes me however, insomuchas the magic I worked so hard to learn seems to not want to function. I shall continue down the river on the morn, but the local fishermen warn me of evils lurking ahead. One is the falls downriver which I have duely noted and shall be careful of. Tales of a race of fabled Draconians cause these men great fear, however. If it were that these poor souls could have civility and schooling so that they would not believe such foolish rantings, I would provide it to all of them."

His remains (part of them anyways) were found washed up on the shores of Bal Harbor Port some months later. There is still no clue as to how they arrived there.

Quick Notes

  • Most of area is No-Cast
  • Bring waterbreathing/fly potions

Adjacent Areas

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General Notes & Tips