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Cavern of Star City
Builder: *Ranthan*
Date Added:
Continent: Valkyre [VK]
Run to Area: sws2ue; open vines; e
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group

Hidden away under a bright sky of twinkling stars, the City of Star Cavern plays host to a variety of reclusive and devoted citizenry. Devoted to the worship of Orion, the patrons of the city temple exalt the clergy and their devotees above all. As a result, the city harbors a collection of individuals dedicated to the arts and education. But beware! The local authorities will not tolerate any shenanigans!

Quick Notes

  • Must Recall to exit area after you enter the city
  • Some rooms require fly

Adjacent Areas

                                                N  U
                                                | /
                                    Newbatia ---+--- E
                                              / |      
                                             D  S

General Notes & Tips