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Builder: *Jaendal*
Date Added:
Continent: Thordfalan [BH]
Run to Area: 4e10nw4n3w7n3wn
Repop Time:
Difficulty: High - Very High Group

Ages ago, long before the founding of Bal Harbor, a race of wise fiercely proud beings lived and prospered in Kara'sa. The hubris of their once-great king, Arivan, rained down death and destruction, and Kara'sa was buried in a great cataclysm. Recent upheavals have opened the way to Kara'sa for brave (or foolhardy) adventurers. Both ethereal ghosts and corporeal demons inhabit the ruins, and difficulty progresses from top to bottom.

Quick Notes

Previous Map Versions

Kara'sa SlothMUD III Version
Retired With SlothMUD IV
Unknown Author

Adjacent Areas

                                                N  U
                                                | /
                                           W ---+--- The Gnoll Stockade
                                              / |      
                                             D  S

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