Area:Mystical Fens

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Mystical Fens
Builder: *Blaster*, *Kjartan*
Date Added:
Continent: Valkyre [VK]
Run to Area: s3w2n3w
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Newbie - Small Lowbie Group

This swampy area was once full of wandering Fens, but in recent times has come to be dominated by stronger forms of wildlife-- stags, does, fawns, and others. Dragons love come to this area to swim and roll in the mud. It is rumored that a wizard named Xomarx lives in the Fens researching magic.This area needs a new map drawn for it, indicating the changed inhabitants.

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Adjacent Areas

                                        Waterfall  U
                                                | /
                                           W ---+--- Wyrmling Caves,
                                              / |    Newbatia
                                             D  S    

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