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Builder: *Neptune*
Date Added:
Continent: Eurydice [EU]
Run to Area: Make One!
Repop Time:
Difficulty: High Solo, High Group

Fortresses of burning furnaces line the mountains of Gehenna, filled with legions upon legions of creatures ruled by the few Baernoloths and Pit Fiends that have escaped the clutches of the lower planes and the rule therein. Great plumes of thick, black smoke fill the sky with acrid clouds of black, carrying with them the cries of the damned and eternally tortured. The dark landscape of hills and valley are spotted with glowing eyes, and the wind whistles through the dark vegetation, carrying with it the growls of hungry beasts. From each direction come the creaks and clangs of strange constructions, churning the fires and contraptions that give Gehenna its characteristic subterranean fires.

Quick Notes

  • Entrance is gained via The Fire Plane Extension.
  • Entrance is gained via the lower plane of Avernus.
  • Entrance is gained via the lower plane of Minauros.
  • Entrance is gained via the lower plane of Phlegethos.

Adjacent Areas

General Notes & Tips