Area:The Catacombs

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The Catacombs
Builder: *Geddy*, *Vom* *
Date Added:
Continent: Thordfalan [BH]
Run to Area: 13e3s2e2n
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Lowbie

A series of mazelike tunnels located underneath the graveyard, this region is filled with aggressive skeletons, ghouls, and zombies. The dreaded Mummy King guards passage to the cavernous regions below. It is said that careful direction will lead you to the heavily fortressed land of the Duergar.

Quick Notes

Adjacent Areas

                                                N  The Graveyard
                                                | /
                                           W ---+--- E
                                              / |      
                                  Duergar Caverns  S

General Notes & Tips