Area:Cloud Giants and Crater Lake

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Cloud Giants and Crater Lake
Builder: *Enea*
Date Added:
Continent: Lyme [LY]
Run to Area:
Alternate Run: Gate Barglumen
Repop Time:

The Cloud Giants originally inhabited a much colder and far less hospitable clime. However, their homeland was destroyed by a once-dormant volcano gone suddenly explosive. With their crops failing, and once-fertile fields suddenly poisoned, they were forced to move. After some time wandering the world, they came upon the island of Irapuete. Vast, verdant valleys filled with oversized birds and other creatures beckoned to them. The fact that there was an active-- but tame-- volcano at the highest point of the island only made it more appealing to them.

While they were building their fortress atop the highest hill in the land, they invited members of other giantkin clans to establish embassies.

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