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Newbatia University
Builder: *Juggleblood*
Date Added:
Continent: Valkyre [VK]
Run to Area: u; enter portal
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Newbie

This school was developed to help people quickly learn SlothMUD's basic commands, putting them on the path to greatness. Some of the topics covered are : How to use your equipment, How to use the fountains, How to do battle and many other things.

The town of Newbatia stocks this school with monsters to train their protectors, but watch out a bunch of stray cats sometimes prowl these hallways looking for rats.

Many thanks to Posh and Braydoc for the maps of the area they submitted after the area's recent additions.

Quick Notes

  • Home to Splork's Tablet

Previous Versions

Newbie College SlothMUD III
Retired: January 2016
Author: Roland and Tox

Adjacent Areas

                                                N  U
                                                | /
                                           W ---+--- E
                                              / |      
                                             D  S
 enter portal -> Newbatia

General Notes & Tips