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Auto Quests

The town quester provides players with in-game quests which vary in difficulty and rewards. The quests can and will be run at anytime, many times they will be unannounced. Some of the quests are available multiple times and allow replays, others will only be able to be attempted once.

Ability Teaching Quests

Ability Quester Area Quest Name
Animate Dead Iglavius the Black Newbatia Attics thirty-three
Colour Spray the red warlock Newbatia visit_shadow_playground
Oath of Victory Narmer The Town of Drexel
Oath of Protection Narmer The Town of Drexel
Sanctuary Arjan Nia's Temple
Stone Skin Lila Thule Beach
Bloodrage Settlestone

Prime Autoquests

Class Quester Area
Warrior Narmer The Town of Drexel
Thief rugged thief Aisholm Town
Cleric Kyla Positive Energy Plane
Mage a giant shaman Aisholm Town
Necromancer Woenz Dark Dreams
Druid Steikal Ice Mountain
Bard drummer Castle Black
Monk an ettin monk Tower's Temple

Honor Quests

What honor quests?

Area Openers

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Past Quests

Sometimes immortals will run quests. In these cases you might need to use the "joinquest" command to join the group. Just type "joinquest" to toggle whether or not you will be participating in the quest. The quest may be locked at some point, at which time you won't be able to enter or leave the group.