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As a monk, one must find the center of their being, the balance between your physical, spiritual, and mental selves. The monk is a front-line warrior who uses special combat tactics, superior speed, bare-handed attacks, and unique defensive skills to prosper where others o­nly fail. With their punishing strikes, natural damage reduction, and the unique ability to stalk their enemies, any foe lucky enough to see a monk gliding towards them had better run in the opposite direction.

Monk Primes
Principal Stat Constitution
Stat Order
Warrior Con/Str/Dex/Wis/Int
Thief Con/Dex/Str/Wis/Int
Cleric Con/Wis/Dex/Str/Int
Mage Con/Int/Dex/Str/Wis
Necromancer Con/Int/Dex/Str/Wis
Druid Con/Wis/Dex/Str/Int
Bard Con/Dex/Str/Wis/Int
Prime Only Abilities
Prime Only Benefits


Lvl Name Min Mana Book
1 Kick
an abused book with footprints on the cover [+]
Warrior Guilds
1 Tactics
a bold looking tome [+]
Warrior Guilds
1 Slowfall
scriptures of softest down [+]
Monk Guilds
1 Improved Attack
notes on sparring [+]
Monk Guilds
4 Blindfight
an old book of bafflement [+]
wandering adventurer - Newbie College [VK]
5 Barehanded Accuracy
a mu ren zhuang [+]
gentle monks - Cavern of Star City [VK]
6 Double Attack
a rapidly read manual [+]
Warrior Guilds
7 Track
a manual with footprints upon its cover [+]
The Dreamweaver
8 Strike
a manual with a faint palm print [+]
City of Ice [AH]
11 Waterwalk
a thin manual bound in balsa [+]
12 Climb
a book locked with crampons [+]
12 Stun
the thunder scripts [+]
Lavender - Temple of Krom [BH] *Sold*
15 Dodge
an ancient digest of defense [+]
17 Stalk
furtive lessons from the past [+]
18 Purity 60     
a granite tablet of health [+]
20 Feign Death
a manual on feigning death [+]
25 Deathgrip
a book with a knotted rope [+]
30 Squirm
a slightly sticky training manual [+]
30 Trip
the story of Molly Droit [+]
30 Flurry
a lightning covered manual [+]
30 Focus (Prime Only)
a slate tablet with concentric circles [+]
31 Presage (Prime Only)
an abridgment of knowledge [+]
33 Counterattack
a compendium of thwart [+]
33 Wraithtouch
a shifting manual of spiritual reach [+]
Monk Guilds
35 Bodyslam
pages of wrestling techniques [+]
36 Windrun
a manual of the wind [+]
40 Kensai (Prime Only)
a tractate on the secrets of ki [+]
Monk Guilds

Avatar Monk Abilities

AvLvl Name Min Mana Book
1 Sanctity
an ancient digest of protection [+]
Tetto - Pagoda [LY]
7 Master Strike
a humming manual of physical ability [+]
ettin monk - Tower's Temple [SS]
8 Improved Stun
a book of legendary skill [+]
11 Retreat
a legendary script of escape [+]
14 Contemplation
an ancient script of meditation [+]
22 Prediction (Prime Only)
a script of foreshadowing [+]
28 Cleanse 65     
a stone tablet of greater health [+]
33 Swiftkick
a manual of wind blown footprints [+]
38 Deathtouch (Prime Only)
a tome of extreme discipline [+]

Recommended Areas

Warrior · Thief · Cleric · Mage · Necromancer · Druid · Bard · Monk