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Thieves are known to have very special qualities that no other classes offer. Their abilities are exclusive and provide a unique way of life for these mysterious wanderers. These shadow walkers possess skills such as pick locks, glance, steal, and climb which are all deemed improper by the rest of our society and often lead to these characters entertaining bad reputations.

Thieves are specialists at covert activities, able to sneak, hide, and backstab enemies with the greatest of ease. While a thief has very few defensive capabilities, their offensive potential is simply astounding. Backstab, double backstab, circle stabs, and shadow-walking, all combine to make this class very appealing.

Thief Primes
Principal Stat Dexterity
Stat Order
Warrior Dex/Str/Con/Int/Wis
Cleric Dex/Wis/Str/Con/Int
Mage Dex/Int/Str/Con/Wis
Necromancer Dex/Int/Str/Con/Wis
Druid Dex/Wis/Str/Con/Int
Bard Dex/Int/Str/Con/Wis
Monk Dex/Con/Str/Wis/Int
Prime Only Abilities
Prime Only Benefits


Lvl Name Min Mana Book
1 Sneak
a very quiet manual [+]
Thief Guilds
1 Steal
a stealthy manual of deception [+]
Thief Guilds
1 Backstab
a traitorous tome [+]
Thief Guilds
1 Pick Locks
instructions for a thief's toolkit [+]
Thief Guilds
1 Tail
pages deftly following each other [+]
1 Glance
a manual with staring eyes on the cover [+]
1 Tactics
a bold looking tome [+]
Warrior Guilds
1 Search
a fortune hunter's guide to all things hidden [+]
Thief Guilds
5 Palm
Five Hands' manual of the Five Fingered Art [+]
Sold in AH Thief Guild
7 Track
a manual with footprints upon it [+]
The Dreamweaver
8 Trip
the story of Molly Droit [+]
9 Disarm Traps
a guide to disarming traps [+]
10 Climb
a book locked with crampons [+]
12 Hide
a well hidden manual [+]
13 Spy
a very secretive manual [+]
15 Squirm
a slightly sticky training manual [+]
15 Circle (Prime Only)
a roundabout book [+]
20 Throw
a book impaled with darts [+]
22 Sixth Sense
a dissertation on awareness and perception [+]
25 Double Stab
a stereo-optical book of knives [+]
25 Archery
a manual impaled with arrows [+]
31 Apply Poison (Prime Only)
an alchemist's handbook [+]
35 Study
a leather-bound portfolio [+]
36 Shadowwalk
wind-blown shadow-bound leaves [+]
38 Tumbling Defense
a manual of the acrobatic thief [+]
40 Excruciating Blow (Prime Only)
a tattered folio [+]

Avatar Thief Abilities

Lvl Name Min Mana Book
1 Crippling Strike
archaic manual of forgotten techniques [+]
2 Ambush
a deceitful tale of avarice [+]
5 Evade Capture
a picture book of acrobats [+]
8 Urban Stealth
a manual cloaked in shadows [+]
14 Sleight of Hand (Prime Only)
guide on transcendental quickness [+]
20 Purloin Aura
fundamental guidelines to unscrupulous wizardry [+]

Recommended Areas

Warrior · Thief · Cleric · Mage · Necromancer · Druid · Bard · Monk