Spell:Stone Skin

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Usage:         cast 'stone skin'
Cost:          15 mana
Level:         Cleric 11, Mage 17, Bard 25
Duration:      24 hours
Accumulative:  -
Save Versus:   -
Damage Type:   -
Stratum:       Enhancement
Spellbook:     an orange spellbook
Prerequisite:  -
See Also:      AC, ARMOR, IRON SKIN

This hex will use earthpower to create a protective, flexible shell around
its intended target.  The shell is not bothersome at all, allowing for all
kind of movement as well as for the casting of spells; it does give a
slightly weird coloration, though.  The protection created by this spell
is greater than that obtained through the armor spell.  Since the two spells
are very similar, they cannot be used together on a same target.

Lila, located on the shores of Aisholm, may also be able to assist you in the
process of acquiring this spell.