Skill:Oath of Protection

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Usage:         swear <oath> [target]
Cost:          -
Level:         Warrior 37
Duration:      it ain't over til it's over
Manual:        passed down through oral lore
See Also:      OATH OF VICTORY

A somewhat more difficult oath is that of protection.  You may only
swear this vow to one you are protecting in combat; it will greatly
increase your ability to carry out this duty.  (It also improves your
chances of rescuing your ward, should she come into harm's way in spite
of your protection.)  The oath of protection lasts as long as you are
protecting the person.  While guarding is not as romantic-sounding as
swearing victory, and so this oath will not contribute to the list of
oaths you are known to have kept, it will still be long remembered if
you fail in the task.