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Area Quester Quest Name
Raven Glade

  Reward: 5 Dr, 100k Gold, 500k XP


The really is nothing like turning colorful bolts into beautiful pieces of clothing. I so enjoy making the glorious outfits for our grand curator to put upon Raline. It is an honor my family has held for five generations. Now if only I had (a_new_needle) to make these stitches better.

Castle Zodiac

  Reward: 10 Dr, 'a mystical book'

Phenmemalin's wife

It'sh not like the lazy bashtard ever doesh anything around the housh, now izzit? I mean, all I want to do ish enjoy some of the power we've put together after all the yearsh, but no, he just stays buried in thoshe damned (booksh) of hish. Ish a little wine too much to ashk? Maybe if you can find shomething to keep hish mind occupied, he won't mind if I jusht keep drinking... Try asking around in schools and other pla-shes of learning, you might jusht find what I need.

Castle Zodiac

  Reward: 10 Dr, 'a symbol of elven life force'

Mennalen's wife

My husband and I make our fine magic by use of some elvish secrets. To keep up with the elves, though, we need someone to go cause a (disturbance) in the realm outside the Tower of Chaeston. While you're creating that diversion, we can steal the knowledge we need. Why else would we allow the heathen elf upstairs to stay in our house, if not to spy on their techniques?

Castle Zodiac

  Reward: 10 Dr, 'the dust from an eagle's wing'

Himloch's wife

A (foulness) has taken roost in the lands to the southeast of Aisholm. This hideous beast is known to have kidnapped hundreds of victims and is suspected by the superstitious of taking them to the underworld (personally, I don't believe there is such a place, but let's face it - people have been disappearing!) Find her and kill her for me, and you will be amply rewarded.

Cleric's Tower

  Reward: 25 Dr, 15k Gold, 25m XP

an enslaved Zodiac mage

With the help of the Zodiac archmages, the wives of the heads of the four familes (let's face it, the real power is -always- with the wives, not the husbands), I can get one step closer to getting out of here!

Village of Sheol

  Reward: 10 Dr, 50k Gold, 100k XP

Pepoit the blacksmith

I've needed to replace my (hammer) for ages now, but time doesn't allow for me to go in search of one.

The Sakura Garden

  Reward: godlite

an assassin

So, you want to know. I was nice not long ago, when I went to study to that castle with mages not too far from here. And when I came, those fools in blue robes. . . they. . . they. . . THEY BURNT MY FACE WITH SPARKS!! How I hate them. . . They said it was a joke. A joke that ruined my beauty, left me to live with this scar. Look at me! ain't I ugly? Kill them for me! You hear? kill them! Kill whenever you can. I want to see their corpses with my eyes and touch them with my hands!

Mercurial Woods an injured knight

She told him! She told him the artifact was too powerful to keep here. She saw it in her prayers. She saw the evil swarm coming for us but the general refused to listen. Now the castle is in shambles and our forces are bloodied and beaten. My friends are dead because of that stupid magical ring! You must promise me you`ll take care of this!

Raven Glade Loremaster Zorinom

There are many things I can tell you, some I cannot. I can always send you to a reliable source if you really are sincere about learning some of the (local_lore).

Village of Sheol

  Reward: 15 Dr, 25k Gold, 100k XP

Ivec, the supply merchant

I've heard of a guide to unusual ways to make money in these hard times.

Yooper's Logging Camp

  Reward: 25 Dr

a yooper cook

These men get so sick of the same old food, it would be nice to get some top quality (meat).

Aisholm Town

  Reward: 20 Dr

the smith

Yes, that's right, I am hoping to get something special from the dwarven blacksmith.

Akasha's Temple Aukri

I love to heat things up with a seductively pleasant combination of aromas. I am always in search of rare body oils and perfumes. The ones I seek currently are lavender_oil, some rose_perfume. I've also heard that the essence_of_jasmine is also quite intoxicating, as is rare lilac_oil.

Aisholm Town

  Reward: 5 Dr, 150k XP

Aisholm's immigration officer

The Dragoons of Castle Black have organized an operation to smuggle non-citizens into Aisholm from some of the lesser areas of the realm. The aliens are then taken advantage of as slaves, and a whole industry has grown up around their cheap labor. sigh A new brothel full of such slaves springs up in our town daily, it seems.

Cemetery of Sheol

  Reward: 15 Dr

Vyutak, the deathmaster

I have created the ultimate golem, one that lives off the energy of departed spirits. However, my calculations proved faulty. The jewel that I chose to supply (power) to my creation was not strong enough to sustain it. It is already necessary to replenish the (power) supply.

Akasha's Temple

  Reward: 75 Dr, 350k XP


You think you are up to capturing the seductive beauty for me? That would be splendid.

Village of Sheol

  Reward: 1200k XP, 500 Align Pts

the village elder, Iilu

So you wish to prove you are worthy of an audience with our princess? It will not be easy, you must first show that you are an ally of the our people.

The Manor of Princess Fisica

  Reward: 'a fine golden locket', 'a handful of wolf bane'

Princess Fisica of Sheol

You are willing to hear my plee? Thank You. My brother Ishlar has been consumed by the fever of the wolf. He has been fully taken by the disease recently and has fled the village. I know of a way to save him from the affliction. If you are clever enough, I shall tell you what is needed to cure him.

Aisholm Town

  Reward: 10 Dr

Lormodriel the meditative

Sometimes, some of our hero's pass into the next life, leaving behind only memories.

Aisholm Town

  Reward: 100 Gold, 100 XP

Goodwife Moran

It is hard to know what to believe these days with all the (rumors) being told.

Cemetery of Sheol

  Reward: 10dr

Ozaur, first king of Sheol

Our quaint cemetery is sacred to my people, however it has recently been trespassed upon by a creature so vile that the spirits of our deceased ancestors have risen from their eternal resting place to defend their relatives.

Castle Roogna

  Reward: 60 Dr, 20k Gold, 2m XP

a beautiful ghostly woman

I have been dead for 800 years, and my body has turned to dust. I must renew it, so that I may come back to life and be reunited with my lover. I went to find answers at the good magician Humfreys castle, but he uncharacteristically would not let me in to see him.

Negative Energy Plane a Priest of Vecna

I humbly request that you seek an audience with the one true power in this world, the mighty lich god, Vecna! He may have use of your services! Go! (speak_with_vecna)!

Village of Sheol

  Reward: 8 Dr, 50k Gold

Ydel, the barkeep

There are hundreds of varieties of (spirits) in the world. I've heard of one type that strikes my interest. !

Raven Glade Adelina Rumar

Please don`t misunderstand me. Look around, I love dragons. I need to study them, their little intricacies. of course I have seen pictures, but they just don`t do those magnificent creatures justice. What I need is to see them up close. However, I am not an adventurer like you. Do you think you could bring me any corpses, or even better, one that is tamed? Please don`t bother with any but the greatest of dragons for I only want the strongest specimens to examine.

Raven Glade Faromar

When you have been fletching arrows for as long as I have, you think you have seen every kind of feather out there. It just isn't so. I have heard of rare feathers in your world, feathers that might renew my desire to craft the truest arrow. Perhaps you have heard of these rare feathers? I would like to inspect a clipped_feather, a burning_feather, and a brilliant_feather.

Aisholm Town

  Reward: 10 Dr, 15k Gold, 25m XP

the smith

I'll pay well for some aquamarine from the (vein) in the chasm under the cleric's tower.