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Area Quester Quest Name

  Reward: 3 Dr, 250k XP

the Mistress of Silence

Yes. Many of the adventurers are rude like that, and it disturbs my inner peace. Just a few days ago, two of them were in here together. However, they were discussing something which sounded very interesting.


  Reward: 10 Dr, 5m XP, 'a retort of deadly liquid', 'a corked vial of swirling mist'


So, you would like some assorted poisons! (Melvire chokes out a long string of laughter, then stares at you intently. ) Killer! (Melvire suffers a fit of more laughing, and seems to almost vomit, before he returns to his senses. ) Oh yes, I would be delighted to give you some of my best poisons, but first, you must PAY!

Tower of Nexialism

  Reward: 25 Dr

Silance, the mistress of magic

I long for a staff shaped like a (cobra). It is an alien sort of magic; the magical strands are weaved by gestures and will primarily, instead of words and will. You will not understand technical details, anyway. Just know that I am looking for a (cobra) staff and willing to pay nicely for it. In drachma.

Ogre Village and Caverns

  Reward: 20 Dr, 250k XP


Dancing ogre woman not perform new tricks. Not attractive to Lormak. No variety. Must either kill all and buy new ones or find new costume. Ogre concubines very expensive. Must try not kill.

The Ocean Floor

  Reward: 5 Dr, 'a braided nightmare tail'

a water naga

Yes mortal, mmm, I will trade you a braided tail for a very beautiful piece of (coral). Only the best will do.


  Reward: 120 Dr, 'flux of dreams that die'


I am bound for far away. I walk the land of Sloth, Just me and my duar. Sole confessor to the dreams that die. . .

Niebelung Beach

  Reward: 10 Dr, 'an empty jar of embalming fluid with a note inside'

an intoxicated dwarven man

I would really like something stronger than the dwarven ale I have been drinking lately. I have heard that embalming fluid packs a bigger punch. I would get some myself, but Hesa will not let me wander far from our cave. Can you sneak a bottle of embalming fluid to me? Perhaps I can give you some useful information in return.


  Reward: 6 Dr, 1m XP

a grim-faced older boy

Lately, my sisters illness has gotten much worse. She cannot keep down any food now at all. She is burning with fever. I fear that she may not have many days left. The meager rations we must eat here taste like leather anyway, which is also part of the problem.


  Reward: 20 Dr, 'the blessing of a god'

the grymlyn king

(food) is something I don't get much of anymore now that I have been imprisioned.

Temple Ruins

  Reward: 25 Dr

the gallows man

Bring me a vial of (gelatinous) fluid and I will give you something that will help you create an object of great worth.

City of the Undead a skeletal guard

I hope you have talked to Ettan the vampire slayer already?!!

Temple Ruins

  Reward: 50k XP

the gallows man

For information about the voodoo stone ask Lyrish.


  Reward: 15 Dr

a beautiful, elegant lady

I wonder where he is. Have you seen Geode?

M.A.G.I.C. wizard Bomanz

Interesting that you should ask about that. This (orb) marked the onset of my swift descent from the ruling top. Of course, I, as a first rate wizard, do not let emotion prevail over my good sense, but even my rational mind agrees that, despite all the power stored inside the (orb), I am better off without it. I might just trade it for two leather scroll cases, similar in design but utterly different in their magical affects. Do you know of such artifacts?

The Infirmary of Farlorne

  Reward: 'a flask labeled 'panacea

a sangoma

I have come from a faraway land to share the healing knowledge of my ancestors in an attempt to cure the horrible plague that is decimating these dwarves. With my magical bag of bones, perhaps I could find a cure. This cheap bag just is not doing the trick. I need some help to find my good bag. Brave adventurer: will you help me?


  Reward: 10 Dr, 'a small silver statue'

The dwarven scribe

It is really hard to write scrolls out without a good (pen).

Settlestone Citadel

  Reward: 5 Dr, 300k XP

King Granitecrusher

Several days ago the dwarven lords promised me to order a (quarantine) of the Infirmary of Farlorne, west of Settlestone. However, more people continue to fall ill in that area of the forest. I am worried that the order for (quarantine) may not have gotten through. There are many rumors, but lives are at stake. I need facts, not rumors!

Tower of Nexialism

  Reward: 'an enchantment of soul'

a mourning mage

Lord (roedrig) was a good mage. Arrogant, maybe, overconfident, contemptuous at times, but a real genius. Surprisingly, his attitude won him few friends and more than just a few enemies. I was about the only true friend the poor Lord had. And one of his numerous enemies - a Shadowmaster, by the name of Shadowspinner - was able to overpower him by treachery, catching him in the middle of a perilous journey, when he was tired and not paying attention. The Shadowmaster managed to put a terrible spell upon (roedrig), one that transmogrified every molecule of his body into stone, literally petrifying him in the blackest of granite! Will you undertake the perilous quest to salvage (roedrig)?

The Ocean Floor

  Reward: 18373 XP, 'a glimmering pearl'

a giant clam

If you will return to me a bag of (sand) I will give you a pearl from one of my oysters.

Derro Caverns

  Reward: 250k XP

a human slave

I have one mortal enemy worse than all the others. He is a surgeon in an area west of Settlestone. I was wounded running from the city guards, and sought his help removing the tip of a knife blade from my spine. When I could not pay him for my medical treatment, he withheld pain salves until finally, in agony, I confessed my crimes. Then, with the blessing of the Settlestone guards, he had me sold to the Derros as a slave.

Kingdom of Salamis

  Reward: 50 Dr

Sheikh Baz