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Capital City: Newbatia
Recall Point: South Gate
Run Map:

[BH] A Crimson Dragon
[AH] A Blue Phoenix
[SS] A White Griffon

Valkyre is a land of adventurers who are just beginning their adventuring careers. Here you can learn everything you need to know before you adventure into the wide world. Here is where you can group with people with your experience level and gain lasting friendships and bonds that can last for years and level upon level.


Area Name Run Difficulty Builder(s)
Newbatia [+] [Recall] Newbie - Lowbie *Blaster*
Autumnal Forest [+] 10nenw5n6w7n Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Raistlin*
Blaster's Temple [+] 9nw Lowbie *Blaster*, *Rita*
Burbalangs [+] 6n5eses Newbie *Tox*
Carnival [+] 10nenw6n Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Ratkiller*
Cavern of Star City [+] sws2ue; open vines; e Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Ranthan*
Chessboard [+] 10nenen Newbie - Lowbie *Wasp*
Daar Tempest, The [+] 3nu Newbie *Seda*
Farmstead [+] 10nenw2ne Lowbie - Low Mid *Neptune*
Fraternal Order of Clowns [+] s3w2n2w3n; buy ticket; n2w6n; <wait for carriage>; enter carriage Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Juggleblood*
Mandelbrot's Mansion [+] 10nes Low or Low Groups *Juggleblood*
Medieval Circus [+] s3w2n2w3n Newbie - Lowbie *Rita*, *Dot*, *Blaster*
Mystical Fens [+] s3w2n3w Newbie - Small Lowbie Group *Blaster*, *Kjartan*
Mystical Fens - Wyrmling Caves [+] s3w2n3w Lowbie
Newbatia Attics [+] 3n4eu Newbie- Small Lowbie Group *Kjartan*
Newbatia Downside [+] s3de Newbie - Lowbie *Kjartan*
Newbatia University [+] 1u; enter portal Newbie *Juggleblood*
Shadow Playground [+] n2es; open shadow; d Lowbie *Rita*
Sub-Newbatian Mines [+] s2de3ne Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group
Tiger Glen [+] 10nenw5nw Lowbie *Rita*
Valkyre Gang Hideout [+] 5nwn Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Blaster*
Waterfall [+] s3w2n3w3nw4ne2un2un Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group *Dot*

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