Area:Sub-Newbatian Mines

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Sub-Newbatian Mines
Builder: *Kjartan*
Date Added:
Continent: Valkyre [VK]
Run to Area: s2de3ne
Repop Time:
Difficulty: Lowbie - Small Lowbie Group

Unable to bear the harsh sunlight on the airborne island of Valkyre, a renegade duergar named Modsogner has constructed a network of hanging structures on the island's underside. Being directly under the city of Newbatia, some of these walkways attach to the city's basements...and other places.

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Adjacent Areas

                                                N  Mystical Fens
                                                | /
                           Newbatia Downside ---+--- E
                                              / |      
                                             D  S

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