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Bal Harbor, BH
Capital City: Bal Harbor Town
Recall Point: West Gate
Run Map:

[VK] A Crimson Dragon
[AH] The Jesna/The Dresden
[SS] The Barnacle/The Sea Maiden
[IS] The Spirit of Bal Harbor
[LY] The Envy of Phylegas/Splendor of Erebus

Thordfalan is the center of the old world. Bal Harbor and the immediate surround areas have survived the rendering of the world with little change. After many years of living close to the citizens of Bal Harbor the Gnolls have moved their camp to the great forest that grew up after the Rendering. Since the great temples were destroyed in the rendering a few loyal followers of the God's have built new larger better temples across the face of the continents but their locations have been kept a secret. Many of the maps of the area surrounding Bal Harbor survived the Rendering and are still available to the masses.


Area Name Run Difficulty Builder(s)
Bal Harbor Town [+] [Recall] Newbie to Large Group *Geddy*, *Vom*
Asylum, The [+] 4e5n3e Lowbie *Spook*
Bal Harbor Army Encampment [+] 4e6n *Smokin*, *Akasha*
Blood Requiem [+] 13e2s3es2e7sdwne Mid-20s to Group *Pixie*
Castle of the Family Degrance, The [+] 4e8n6e Mid-30s to Large Group *Denbar*, *Akasha*
Catacombs, The [+] 13e3s2e2n Lowbie *Geddy*, *Vom*
Clipper, The [+] 4e10nw8ne; buy striped; 4de; enter clipper (when it arrives) Mid - High *Elwood*
Clouds, The [+] (Need Fly); 15e3s2u Lowbie - High
Crystal Falls [+] 4wsw4s Lowbie - High *Zarc*
Dark Covenant, The [+] 4wsw4sd Lowbie - High Group *Tony*
Darken Wood [+] 12wn4d4n2e2se High Solo - Mid Group *Rita*
Draconian Lair [+] 1e of Tiamat Very High Group *Dug*
Draconis Sewers, The [+] e2s2esd Newbie-Lowbie *Geddy*, *Vom*
Dragon Mountain, The [+] (No Fly) 24wn3w3uwsune; (Need Fly) exam gem High Group-Very High Group *Dug*
Duergar Caverns [+] e2s2esd2s3es Mid *Denbar*, *Vom*, *Alana*
Eastern Roadway, The [+] 9e Mid
Eden [+] (Need Fly) 15e3s2u2n2eu3e2s2e3u Mid - High Groups *Kalmak*
Emerald Mine, The [+] 10w2n5e Mid *Frobisher*
Gardens, The [+] 7e3ne Lowbie *Denbar*, *Vom*
Gnoll Stockade, The [+] 4e10nw4n3wn Lowbie *Vom*
Goblin Caves, The [+] 17e Newbie - Lowbie *Geddy*, *Denbar*
Graveyard, The [+] 13es Lowbie
Great Northern Road, The [+] 4e9n
Greek Forest, The [+] 12e6n Mid *HectorDark*
Hades [+] 13e3s2en; push tombstone Mid - High Group *Moxy*
High Plains [+] 13e7s3e *Juggleblood*
Jungle, The [+] 3w Newbie - High *Balrog*
Kara'sa [+] 4e10nw4n3w7n3wn High - Very High Group *Jaendal*
King's Bazaar, The [+] 13e7se5s Low to Mid *Juggleblood*
Kuo-Toan Hamlet [+] (Need Water Breathing) e3s2es Mid- High Group *Hastings*
Lair of the Succubi [+] *Juggleblood*
Land of the Firenewts [+] 4wsw3se3s Mid - High Group *Balrog*
Lycanthropia [+] 13e2s3es2e3s Mid *Drizzt*
Lycanthropia - Black Island [+] 13e2s3es2e10s Mid *Drizzt*
Matterhorn Valley [+] 12wn4d Mid-High Small Groups *Balrog*
Matterhorn - Caverns of Matterhorn, The [+] 12wn4d4nuw2neu High Groups - Very High Groups *Balrog*
Moon Temple, The [+] 11e4s2e2s2wn2u;enter moonbeams Medium - High *Juggleblood*
Otter's Den [+] 13e5n Lowbie
Park, The [+] 11en Newbie
Pathways of Thordfalan [+] 2w Newbie
Pathways of Thordfalan - Nia's Temple [+] 4e6n10w Newbie - Lowbie *Ming*
Pathways of Thordfalan - Jake's Temple [+] 5w2ses Newbie *Ming*
Pirate's Cove, The [+] e3sw Mid - High *Spook*
Pirate Beach [+] e3swd4wde3nw Mid Group to High Solo *Pixie*
Quickling Forest, The [+] 13e2s Low - Mid *Drizzt*
School of Cholemry [+] w3n Mid - High *Enea*
Temple of Krom [+] 4wsw3sw Lowbie - High Group
Temple of Luna [+] 11e3s Lowbie - High *Spook*
Temple of the Sun [+] 6w2u3sd6s; open door; s Mid - Small High Group *Balrog*
Temple of the Wind [+] From West Gate: e3n5e3nenenen Newbie to Low *Tox*, *Juggleblood*, *Neptune*
Thordfalan Slavers [+] 4e10nw4n4w Mid - Small Mid Group *Juggleblood*
Thordfalan Volcano, The [+] (No Fly) 25e6neden; open gate; 6e; open gate; e2ue; climb up; climb up High - Very High Group *Gimlet*, *Tony*
Thunder Dome Arena [+] 4e10nw4ne
Tomb of the Forever King [+] 23w5nu High - High Group *Dug*
Town of Drexel, The [+] 25e6neden High - Small High Group *Gimlet*, *Tony*
Troglodytes [+] 16e3ne2s Mid *Feyd*
Village of the Kobolds, The [+] w6s Newbie *Balrog*
Wagoneer's Camp, The [+] 13e4s Mid - Small Mid Group *Pez*
Weasel's Den, The [+] 4e6n6ed Low
Westwood [+] 12w Mid - Small Mid Group *Dug*
Witches Domain, The [+] 16e3nen2e; open bush; n Mid - Large High Group *Blaster*

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